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Best Seller - #1 Book about Khatri Caste

History of Khatris in India - By Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon | 10000+ Copies sold.

About The Book on Khatri Caste

"History of Khatris in India" is result of 20 Years of hardwork and research an informative and comprehensive book written by Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon. This book delves deep into the origins, cultural significance, and various aspects of the Khatri caste and community in India. Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon meticulously explores the rich history and traditions of Khatris, providing valuable insights into their lineage, customs, and contributions to Indian society. The book begins with an exploration of the origin of Khatris, tracing their roots back to the Vedic Age during the time of Lord Brahma. It highlights the prominent Khatri Purohits, their association with the Soorya Vanshi, Chandra Vansh, and Agni Vansh lineages, and their adherence to Sanatan Dharm (the eternal religion). The author also explores the evolution of Budh Dharm, the role of Brahmans and Saraswats, and the relationship between different branches of the Khatri community. A significant aspect covered in the book is the extensive list of Khatris' surnames, totaling over 4600. It includes Dhai Ghar Khatri surnames like Kapoor and Tandon, as well as Char Ghar, Panja Jati, Barah Jati, Lahori, Delhi Khatris, Agra Khatris, and Khatris from various regions of North India, South India, and even outside India. The book also delves into other divisions like Brahmkhsatriya, Arora Vansh, and Sareen Vansh, exploring their gotras (clans), kul devtas (family deities), and Purohits (priests). c

Highlights of The Book

4600+ Khatri Surnames

Discover a vast collection of 4600 Khatris surnames, each with its own unique history and significance, within this enlightening book.

300+ Years of Khatri History

Unveil the captivating history of Khatris, tracing their origins, cultural evolution, and enduring legacy in this enlightening book.

Kul Devi | Khatri Rituals

Explore the rich tapestry of Khatri rituals and the significance of Kul Devi Devta in this concise and informative book.

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Chapter One

Origin of Khatri surnames
The Khatris have a fascinating origin story that can be traced back to the ancient Vedic Age, which occurred during the time of Lord Brahma. They hold a significant position in Indian society and have made notable contributions throughout history. Khatris are associated with prestigious lineages such as Soorya Vanshi, Chandra Vansh, and Agni Vansh, which highlight their noble heritage.
Khatris follow Sanatan Dharm, the eternal religion, which forms the foundation of their beliefs and practices. Their adherence to this ancient faith has been steadfast, and they have played a crucial role in the evolution of Budh Dharm as well. Khatris maintain strong cultural connections with Brahmans and Saraswats, fostering a sense of unity and shared values.
The Khatri community boasts an impressive array of surnames, with more than 4600 documented. These surnames reflect the diverse branches and lineages within the Khatri community. Some prominent categories include Dhai Ghar Khatri, Char Ghar, Panja Jati, Barah Jati, Lahori, Delhi Khatris, Agra Khatris, and more. Each surname carries its own unique history and significance, adding depth and complexity to the Khatri heritage.
Over the centuries, Khatris have persevered through numerous challenges, displaying remarkable resilience and strength. They have faced attempts to suppress their culture and identity by British colonizers and other ruling powers. Despite these challenges, Khatris have managed to preserve their heritage and flourish in various parts of India and beyond.
The Khatri community has thrived in different regions, including Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, and more. They have also made their mark in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, demonstrating the widespread influence and presence of the Khatris.
The history of the Khatris is a tapestry woven with tales of valor, resilience, and cultural richness. It is a testament to the community's deep roots and enduring legacy in shaping the cultural fabric of India.

What Readers are Saying

This book helped me a lot during marriage of my daughter, everything like chuda, tani kadhai, rituals given in the book.
Reeta Kapoor
Kul Devis/ Devta info. in the book is very useful as hmare bacche ye sb ni jnte hain and we khatris must have it in our temples.
Vinay Arora
Great Greaeat information about Khukhrain khatris in this book. Very informative and useful for next generations.
Mili Chaddha

Why People Love this Book?

People love this book on the history of Khatris because it provides invaluable insights and knowledge. It serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding Khatris' origins, cultural traditions, and significance. The book covers diverse topics such as gotra matching in marriages, rituals, and festivals. Readers appreciate the detailed information about surnames and the unexpected bonus content, making it an engaging and enriching read for anyone interested in the Khatri community and Indian cultural heritage.

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