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Warriors to Merchants: 10 Remarkable Stories of

Khatri in India, it is well-established in Sikhism history that the Khatri caste was crucial to the growth of the Sikh community during the Middle Ages. Additionally, throughout the Mughal era, the Khatris developed into a well-known scribal and commercial caste. Nevertheless, the question of why Sikhism drew a sizable Khatri following in the context of the group’s medieval commercial development has never been explored. By looking at early Sikh ideas about trade and commerce, I hope to shed light on why Sikhism was appealing to the Khatri community in medieval times. Furthermore, I want to incorporate the impact of Sikhism on the evolution of the Khatri merchant family during the Middle Ages. And contemplate how the expansion of the Khatri merchant network led to the dissemination of Sikhism throughout the Mughal.

Khatri And Their Big Business Empire

Punjabi Khatris are among the most prosperous communities in India, despite having lost all of their fortune during the country’s independence.

The best educated and hardest-working communities are  Punjabi khatris. It possess entrepreneurial abilities. Compared to other villages in Independence, their level of education is higher.

The Khatris of Punjab are well educated, industrious, and focused on business. Anything can be taken from a human, but not his abilities or intelligence, and even after a setback, he can rise even higher.

There were no reservations in these  settlements. The primary locations of Punjabi khatris are Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. 

Although the combined population of these settlements is not even 1.5%, they make a significant contribution.


  • In army , 8 out of 25 Chief of Army Staff , 6 out of 22 Naval Chief and 6 out of 21 Air force Chief of India have been Khatris till now.
  • Banking sector – HDFC, Yes bank and many other bank run by punjabi khatri.
  • Medanta, Fortis, Max Healthcare are owned by punjabi khatris. Mainly business and Hospitals in North india owned by punjabi khatris or Banias.
  • Freedom fighter – Sukhdev Thapar , Madan lal dhingra etc.
  • Noble prize winner – Har gobind khurana.
  • Star wars , Interstellar, gravity, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Tree of life, Transformers – VGI graphics is given by company belong to Namit malhotra .
  • Harvard College Head – Rakesh Khurana.
  • Sports –
  • Kapil dev
  • Virat kholi
  • Gautam gambhir
  • Shikhar dhawan
  • Abinav bindra
  • Bisham singh bedi
  • Manjot kalra
  • Manan vohra
  • Piyush chawla
  • Surender khanna
  • Ashok malhotra
  • Vijay mehra
  • Aashish kapoor
  • Aakash chopra
  • Manika batra
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Kapoor’s – Raj kapoor, Ranbir kappor, Rishi kapoor, Shaid kapoor, karena kapoor, Aditya roy kapoor, Sharda kapoor.
  • Hrithik roshan
  • Akshay kumar
  • Priyanka chopra, yash raj chopra
  • Siddharth malhotra
  • Varun dhawan
  • Govinda ahuja
  • Dev anand
  • Rajesh kahnna
  • Ayushman khurana
  • Johars – Dharma production
  • Gulzar – Sampooran Singh Kalra
  • All Big producers and directors in bollywood and punjabi industry is punjabi khatri.
  • RBI Governer – R. N Malhotra { (IAS) RBI Governer 1985 – 1990}
  • First IPS Women officer – Kiran bedi
  • First woman indian astronaut – Kalpna chawla.
  • Indian Biggest and famous chief – Sanjeev kapoor & Vikas khanna.
  • Indian biggest fashion designer – Manish malhotra.
  • India Biggest and luxurious hotels – Obroies hotels.
  • Asia strongest man – Manoj chopra
  • BUSINESS Man –
  • Gulshan kumar – T series
  • Brij Mohan lal munjal 3.7 billion-( owner of hero motrocop)
  • Vivek Chand Sheghal – 6 Billion Dollars .
  • Vinod Khosla – 2.7 Billion Dollars .
  • RC Janeja – 1.93 Billion Dollars .
  • Obroies – 1.3 billion(obroies hotels)
  • Rana kapoor ( Yes bank)
  • Sabeer bhatia (Co founder of hotmail)
  • F. C kholi ( Father of Indian software industry)
  • Ajay banga ( Mastercard)
  • Harindarpal Banga – 1.3 billion ( Noble)
  • Malvinder and Shivinder Singh 1. 83 billion – (Ranbaxy)
  • Anand Mahendra – 1.7 Billion Dollars .
  • Make My trip – Deep Kalra
  • Zomato – Pankaj Chaddah
  • Gautam Thapar – 2.4 billion .
  • Ramesh juneja -600 million .
  • Satish Mehta – 1.1 billion .
  • Rahul bhatia – 3.1 billion.
  • CEO of Softbank – Nikesh Arora
  • CEO of Nokia – Rajeev suri
  • CEO of Snapdeal – Kunal bhal
  • Owner of MDH – Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati
  • Vice chairman of HCL Health Care – Shikhar Malhotra.
  • Owner of Aaj tak, India today and punjab keseri.
  • Punjabi khatri give 3 prime minister ( Including Gulzarilal nanda) , 5 chief minister of three different state. They are dominating in delhi politics. Mainly all the delhi governer are punjabi khatri.
  • Ahuja , Nagpal , Kochar , Raheja etc castes of Sindhis and Punjabi belong to Khatri / Arora Community .

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