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"History Of Khatris in India "

This book authored by Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon is a boon for Khatri Community and result of 20 years of hardwork. With 4600+ surnames, their GOTRA, KulDevi Devta, Marriage Rituals, evolution of the surnames this book has helped almost everyone to follow what is right during different courses of life.

श्री सीता राम टंडन द्वारा लिखी गई यह पुस्तक खत्री समुदाय के लिए एक वरदान है और 20 साल की मेहनत का परिणाम है। 4600+ उपनामों के साथ, उनके गोत्र, कुलदेवी देवता, विवाह अनुष्ठान, इस पुस्तक के उपनामों के विकास ने लगभग सभी को जीवन के विभिन्न पाठ्यक्रमों के दौरान जो सही है उसका पालन करने में मदद की है।


Delivered in 4+ Countries

This book was written in the year 2001. Lt Shri Seeta Ram Tandon dedicated 20 years of his life towards betterment of Khatri community and since then the legacy of the book has never diminished. People not just from various states of India but also from abroad has shown immense love towards the book and the knowing about Khatri community.

यह पुस्तक वर्ष 2001 में लिखी गई थी। स्वर्गीय श्री सीता राम टंडन ने अपने जीवन के 20 वर्ष खत्री समुदाय की भलाई के लिए समर्पित किए और तब से पुस्तक की विरासत कभी कम नहीं हुई। न केवल भारत के विभिन्न राज्यों से बल्कि विदेशों से भी लोगों ने पुस्तक के प्रति और खत्री समुदाय के बारे में जानने के लिए अपार प्रेम दिखाया है।

7000+ Copies Sold

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Answers to your Question?

Today millions of people don’t know if they are Khatri . Rest of the people feel ashamed of telling others if they are Khatri! The Reason is they are not confident of their past which reflects through words they speak and the life they live.

आज लाखों लोग नहीं जानते कि वे खत्री हैं या नहीं। बाकी लोग खत्री हैं तो दूसरों को बताने में शर्म महसूस करते हैं! इसका कारण यह है कि वे अपने अतीत के प्रति आश्वस्त नहीं हैं जो उनके द्वारा बोले गए शब्दों और उनके द्वारा जीते गए जीवन को दर्शाता है।

Are we following the correct Rituals?

Marriage Rituals

This book Contains all the correct Khatri Marriage Rituals right from Mehndi, Tani Kadai, Tilak, Pooja etc till Vidai and beyond. Why marriage should not happen in same Gotra, etc.

Death Rituals & Shraad

We human beings are mortal. Unfortunate demise in our family is painful but correct death rites can help the soul rest in peace.


We humans have tendency to forget, therefore its common that we forget the rituals at the time of an event. We followed whatever we remembered but what our children will do ?

Birth & Mundan Rituals

Today's Generation find it difficult to organise pooja/ rituals related to child birth, his proper growth, which temples to visit during mundan ?

About your GOTRA

Gotra is the name of the first person born in our family. It is most prominent part which Pandits ask in any ceremony in Khatri families.

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What Readers are saying !

Dr. Amit Mehrotra Lucknow

It's my pleasure to read the book and i am enjoying with pride every moment of the book.

Pramod Kumar Tandon Allahabad

मैने इस विषय पर कई पुस्तकें देखी हैं परंतु इतनी सटीक जानकारी कहीं और उपलब्ध नहीं है।

Arpita Roy Chowdhury Tandon Rajasthan

A very informative book written on Khatris, great work by team👌👌👏👏👏🙏🙏

Sunil Mehra Delhi, India

My special thanks for the valued information.Really grateful to Late Tandon Sir for having such varied knowledge.

Mrs.Sandhya Tandon Rajasthan

Yesterday I received my Book. . It's wonderful world of facts about Khsatriya community. ...feel proud be a part of this community. ...THANKS Thanks Thanks

Hitesh Kapoor Rajkot, Gujrat

after a long period a book finally arrived in the our world. Looking at first sight , its a wonderful like first love of our beating heart.I wish you all the best for more re-print copy.....all khatri need to read to keep our golden history live with new generation. you are the creator ...Tandon tusi grt..

Khatri Yogendra Azad Lawyer, Patna

खत्री जाती के उद्वब, विकास एवं अल्लों की जानकारी हेतु स्व0 सीताराम मेहरोत्रा द्वारा वर्णित पुस्तक भारत वर्ष तथा विदेशों में बसे खत्री जाती के सन्दरव में एक बहुत ही उपयोगी पुस्तक है ।

Gaurav Mehra NCR

Absolutely Fantastic Book!

Dilip Tandon Businessman

We feel proud of what you have done! definitely want some copies of these.