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About Khatris

Khatri Caste and Surname


Khatri/ Kshatriya is a very prominent part of the Indian Society and abroad. Firstly, it is a Hindu caste that is beleived to be the descendents of Lord Ram. And also North India, especially Punjab region including Pakistan is considered to be the orign of Khatri caste.  All the sikh gurus, including Guru Nanak Dev ji are considered to be the follower and strong foundation of Khatri Caste.

Know Who We Are

Life of Khatri

Khatri are generally bubbly, cheerful and happy personality.Firstly Good food has always been something they crave for. Secondly Their lives are simple, they love spending time with their families. Some of them are Engineers, Doctors, Adminstrative Officers, Bankers, Teachers, owners, etc. Moreover they love doing charity and always consider humanity before any other religion, caste or creed.

In addition to above mentioned habits welcoming the guest with open arms, offering  different varieties of food and snacks is something very common in Khatris.

Khatris are dominated by Dharma and right action.

Khatri community

Customs & Beliefs

They celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm.As noted in the introduction, the Khatri community was the socio-religious leaders in the Punjab. The Khatris were the patrons (‘yajamansas’ or in Punjabi ‘jajmani’) of the Saraswat Brahmins.

They never discriminate a boy or a girl in education and finances. It is one of the  most liberal community in which the Act of Dowry is considered as a disgrace.

Existense of Khatris in India is itslef a matter of honour for this whole world!

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Everyone who reads the book "HISTORY OF KHATRIS IN INDIA" always has something to share.

It's my pleasure to read the book and i am enjoying with pride every moment of the book.

Dr. Amit Mehrotra Lucknow

मैने इस विषय पर कई पुस्तकें देखी हैं परंतु इतनी सटीक जानकारी कहीं और उपलब्ध नहीं है।

Pramod Kumar Tandon Allahabad

A very informative book written on Khatris, great work by team👌👌👏👏👏🙏🙏

Arpita Roy Chowdhury Tandon Rajasthan

My special thanks for the valued information.Really grateful to Late Tandon Sir for having such varied knowledge.

Sunil Mehra Delhi, India

Yesterday I received my Book. . It's wonderful world of facts about Khsatriya community. ...feel proud be a part of this community. ...THANKS Thanks Thanks

Mrs.Sandhya Tandon Rajasthan

after a long period a book finally arrived in the our world. Looking at first sight , its a wonderful like first love of our beating heart.I wish you all the best for more re-print copy.....all khatri need to read to keep our golden history live with new generation. you are the creator ...Tandon tusi grt..

Hitesh Kapoor Rajkot, Gujrat

खत्री जाती के उद्वब, विकास एवं अल्लों की जानकारी हेतु स्व0 सीताराम मेहरोत्रा द्वारा वर्णित पुस्तक भारत वर्ष तथा विदेशों में बसे खत्री जाती के सन्दरव में एक बहुत ही उपयोगी पुस्तक है ।

Khatri Yogendra Azad Lawyer, Patna

Absolutely Fantastic Book!

Gaurav Mehra NCR

We feel proud of what you have done! definitely want some copies of these.

Dilip Tandon Businessman

    "History Of Khatris in India "

    This book authored by Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon is a boon for Khatri Community and result of 20 years of hardwork. With 4600+ surnames, their GOTRA, KulDevi Devta, Marriage Rituals, evolution of the surnames this book has helped almost everyone to follow what is right during different courses of life.