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Khatri Seeta Ram Tandon

# let's Extend Our Hand

Together We can Make our community STRONG

United we GROW, Divided we FALL.

Shri Seeta Ram Tandon


Year (1933-2017 )

About Author

Jaati Ratna Awardee Lt. Shri Seeta Ram Tandon, an author and a revolutionary was genius since his childhood days. He was born on on 25th April 1933 at Lucknow and thereafter was look after by his father Ganga Prasad Tandon in Chowk, Lucknow. During his younger days, when passing the exams was considered as an achievement, he did M.A. ( In English ) and M.A. ( In Hindi ) and scored distinction in every subject with throughout first class. Because of his brilliance he got various offers of job All over India but later he chose to serve his Home State in U.P. Secretariat. After this, in his second innings he decided to devote his time and devotion for writing the book “History Of Khatris In India”. It took 20 years to research and then write the book which was dream of millions.

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